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The Hardware.aero Story

After spending nearly a decade in aerospace distribution and selling to just about every major OEM & many of their subs, I noticed a recurring issue:  major aerospace primes and contract manufacturers with unqualified products specified on bill of materials, typically commercial hardware without required lot traceability but also sometimes mil-spec parts that do not meet contract requirements such as DFARS.

It would be easy to blame this wholly on the OEM engineering team who did the original BOM, but the reality is the current distribution model for aerospace hardware is broken:

  1. It is overly complicated to figure out what mil-spec part to use (even if you know what you need).
  2. Once you have your mil-spec, you have to look all over the place to find a qualified supplier.
  3. And then take into account any quality requirements, such as DFARS and RoHS compliance. 
  4. Multiply this process a million times over (and don't forget to include any mistakes) & then you see the problems. 

This all leads to major challenges which increase time & cost in managing an already complex manufacturing process. 

Hardware.aero was born from the idea that there needs to be a reliable go-to resource that can simplify the aerospace hardware supply chain and truly support aerospace manufacturing from the cradle to the grave.  Here are our primary objectives:

  1.  Develop a comprehensive technical resource for all mil-spec hardware -- MS, NAS, AN, NASM product.
  2. Provide a central source for traceable, qualified aerospace hardware.
  3. Utilize technology to improve efficiency, accuracy & communication.

Each day, we are taking steps to transform our industry.  I invite you to participate in this transformation by telling your colleagues about us, requesting a quote, or simply sending us an email (any features you'd like to see, products we should bump up the list, or general feedback).

Thank You,

Hardware.aero LLC